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I was very pleased with Jill’s services and very much enjoyed working with her. She made my overwhelming task easy and actually enjoyable to accomplish!


I can’t say enough of how Jill has completely changed our lives. My fiancé lived in clutter, and we knew we could not live together until the environment and some habits changed. Jill not only organized my fiancé, but helped us both prepare and declutter our homes for sale. She then packed most of our belongings and then unpacked and organized them at our new home. It was a monumental task, and she performed it with never-ending enthusiasm, optimism and energy! Now we heavily rely on Jill to keep us organized, and to help with any organizing crises that may arise. I whole-heartedly recommend (and have repeatedly recommended) her to anyone.


I had a very large and very full house with over 50 years of accumulated treasurers. I contacted Jill to help me get organized so I could downsize to a smaller condo. It was an overwhelming task for family and friends, and I didn’t know where to start.

Jill came once a week for several hours and together we tackled one room at a time, sorting, packing, recycling, selling or pitching items. A lifetime of accumulation was dealt with over several months, and everything was organized for the movers once I purchased a smaller condominium.

I am an older woman with limited energy and Jill helped me stay focused throughout our day. Jill was very kind and patient with me, she listened to my life’s history and helped me choose the pieces that most reflected my life well-lived. Numerous items such as artwork and my extensive fabric/quilt collection was treated with respect and moved to my new home.

It was very helpful to have Jill as a motivator, someone who could analyze my possessions and help, but not push me into disposing of the unimportant objects. I can only imagine the turmoil that would have occurred if family members, and not a neutral party, had to help me with the process of downsizing.

My family was relieved and, with Jill’s help, I made the decisions and assisted in doing the work without imposing on anyone else. I enjoyed Jill’s upbeat and warm personality and always looked forward to her visits because I knew we would make great progress!


Jill is superb! From her joyful personality to her casual approach – I genuinely enjoyed every moment of our organizing projects. She has a unique ability to help you figure out the best use of space for you and your needs. And further, she provided me with strategies to keep things organized! I would highly recommend her services – and will definitely use her again in the future!


“Jill was an absolute joy to work with! Somehow she makes organizing fun and has inspired us to keep our home free of clutter.”


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