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Simply Organized
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 25 reviews
by Ashley Roethlisberger on Simply Organized

Miss Jill and her team were so kind and professional. They worked hard and were up for anything. They cared about even the smallest of details and left our home beautifully put together. I highly recommend them for jobs big and small!

by Beth O. on Simply Organized

I don't know how you do it! We appreciate you so much! You've changed our lives for the better!

by Jen on Simply Organized
Time and Money Well Spent!

I really wanted to do some purging, downsizing, and organizing in several areas of my home. While I had done some small things, the project seemed rather overwhelming, and likely to take a long time at the pace I was going. So I contacted Jill, and that turned out to be an excellent decision. She is a delight to work with, and is very professional, efficient, and caring. I was particularly happy about her efforts to recycle, donate, or reuse things, rather than just throwing them out. I donated many items, to several organizations, and have itemized lists of these for my records. My now nearly empty garage is the talk of the neighborhood, and seems to have inspired others to do some cleaning out as well. I would happily recommend Jill for your organizing needs. And if I ever have to move, I will be calling her for sure.

by Amy Atkinson on Simply Organized
Great Experience!

Jill was an absolute pleasure to work with! She helped our family downsize from a four bedroom to two bedroom house. We couldn't have done it without her! She not only helped us purge a lot of things before our move, but had us moved in and organized in our new home four days after the movers left! Her professionalism, patience, and "can do" attitude is the perfect combination when facing a stressful move.

by Wendy Turner on Simply Organized
Great Experience!

Jill is a joy to be around! She is professional, encouraging, calm and fun. We tackled our basement with a lifetime accumulation. She helped me purge, let go and organize it all. Everything is organized, labeled and simply beautiful! A great experience and so worth the money and time!

by Mary Anne on Simply Organized
Wonderful experience

Jill is a rare find; professional, courteous, thorough and fun. We cleaned out and organized our laundry room and garage, wading through years of book collections, painting supplies, Christmas decorations and tools I never knew we had. In the end, everything had a place to live and it all made sense. We reclaimed these two rooms and they function beautifully for us for the first time in many years. It's a great feeling to now know where everything belongs, trust me. I highly recommend Jill and wish I had hired her sooner!

by Melanie on Simply Organized
Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping me organize my closet! After we organized all of my clothes I had SO MUCH FUN getting dressed! I feel like I have so many options now. This organizing stuff is LIFE CHANGING! I can't thank you enough!

by Liana on Simply Organized
Worth Every Penny

Jill was an absolute pleasure to work with!  In two days we had completely cleaned out my huge garage that had become unusable source of constant stress for my family. For years we tried to clean it up, but never finished the job, and, as a result, wasted time and money re-purchasing items we knew we had but couldn't find, and felt stressed looking at the overwhelming mess it had become. But in 16 hours, it was a beautiful, functioning space again, with Jill's help and guidance. She has a gentle and respectful way of coaching people through making decisions about what to keep, and what to let go, and she delivered all usable items we relinquished to the appropriate locations as charitable donations for us. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to tackle an overwhelming job- worth every penny!

by Melissa on Simply Organized

You are a life saver! Thank you so much for all of your help!

by Beth on Simply Organized
Life Changing Experience

On October 15, 2015, I sent an email to Jill @ Simply Organized, and the results of that initial email have changed my life. My best friend and I share an apartment in the North Hills. We both grew up in cluttered homes. Hence, we were sharing a cluttered apartment. We are not hoarders. We are two people with too much stuff. When you can’t find something because of owning too much stuff, you end up buying it again and again.

We first met with Jill on November 4. To be honest, I was the one who wanted to change our cluttered situation. I wanted to have a place that we could both be proud of. I didn’t want to be embarrassed if somebody came to our door. I wanted to be able to feel comfortable having guests.

My roommate, on the other hand, would’ve been happy had we not tried to change. She is very shy around people she doesn’t know well. She was hesitant to meet with Jill. We had our initial consultation in the evening so that we could both be there. My roommate felt much better because she really liked Jill. She still really didn’t believe that working with an organizer would really make a difference, but she was willing to try… for me.

The first time Jill came to our apartment, my roommate worked with her by herself because I was at work. Jill was still there when I came home from work. I was amazed at the progress they made. Jill organized our entry and linen closet, which went from a disorganized mess to something you would see in a magazine.

We soon learned how amazing this experience could be. Jill would place items to be donated as well as items to be recycled or placed in the dumpster in our hallway. So once it was out of our door, it was gone.

The second visit was special as well. We have two storage units in the basement of our apartment building. A good friend came to help my roommate and Jill in cleaning out the storage units. Jill made two trips to Goodwill that day, and our friend loaded up my roommate’s car for donations to a special organization that we both support. It’s a place called Free Store 15104 located in Braddock, PA. If somebody needs something, they just take it. It’s all free. Of course, trash went to the dumpster.

We worked with Jill 5 more times. I was there for three of them. Two of the days were holidays, and I even took a vacation day from work to do this. I wish I could’ve been there for the last session, because that is when everything truly came together. It was amazing when I opened the door to my new home that I could be proud of… that we could all be proud of.

We then hired somebody to come in and professionally clean our carpets and perform a spring cleaning. We were finally in a place where somebody could come in and scrub walls, floors, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc.

The best part of all is that my roommate eventually grew to embrace the process. We both love where we live now. We no longer dread coming home from trips or even from work. Just this past weekend we needed to wrap some presents. I was able to find the wrapping paper, scissors and tape. There was a space I could use to do the wrapping. It was an amazing feeling. There is no turning back.

We spread our project out over 5½ months so that we could work on projects in between Jill’s visits. We wanted to get the most for our buck and the most use of her skills as an organizer. I cannot express how much Jill has changed both of our lives. We are eternally grateful and highly recommend her to anybody in need of a neater, well-organized space. You won’t regret it!

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