Professional Organizer Consulting Services

If you have an organizing project and you’re able to do the physical organizing on your own but simply need the guidance and advice from a certified professional organizer, I can provide the direction you need.

Maybe you just don’t know where to start and need options for the best way to tackle your specific situation. Or maybe you’ve already tried to organize an area and it’s still not working efficiently for you. Or perhaps you just need the motivation and encouragement to get started and want to keep the momentum going.

The process is simple. Initial consultations are best if performed in person at your home. This allows me to see the physical space(s) you’re trying to organize so that I can fully understand your project and goals. Follow up consultations can either be done in person, over the phone or virtual.

Whether you’re just starting or in the midst of an organizing project, I’ll guide you on a path to an organizing solution that works best for you.

Contact me to become one step closer to living a simply organized life!

Are you ready to be Simply Organized,
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